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Marijuana and Drugs
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Criminal Legal Services

Criminal cases can have far reaching implications.  You need attorneys who are not afraid to fight for your rights, to make the government prove each and every accusation beyond a reasonable doubt.

David Michael Ryan & Associates is not afraid to try your case.  We have tried criminal cases all over the United States, often obtaining results our clients are pleased with.

You have the right to remain silent - do it!  The police do not need a warrant to listen to your cell phone calls, so we will not give you a consultation over the telephone.  Call David Michael Ryan & Associates for a confidential appointment in our offices.

Prostitution & Public Lewdness

Prostitution, Public Lewdness, and Public Indecency are disproportionately charged against women. There is also a significant portion that is charged against gay, lesbian, and transgendered people. Often, the evidence in these cases is very weak, but people are too embarrassed to challenge the charges. Unlike other places in the United States, each of these crimes can result in significant jail time.
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