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Child Support Legal Services

A major misconception regarding child support in Texas is that the child support process is easy and straightforward these days. Yes, Texas state law provides a mathematical formula that must be used to determine child support amounts. And yes, child support payments can be deducted directly from a parent's paycheck.  However, disputes can still arise about child support ? whether the conflict is about the amount to be paid or about whether the paying parent is actually meeting his or her financial obligations.

If you have questions about your legal rights regarding child support ? whether you are the parent who pays or the parent who receives child support ? it is important to get early advice about your legal rights and practical expectations.

Disputes About the Amount of Child Support to Be Paid

Texas state child support guidelines must be followed in almost all cases. Under these guidelines, the amount of monthly child support is based on the net income of both parents and the number of children, with deductions for custody time and other expenses.

Disputes often arise when one or both parents are not honest about their income. Or a parent may attempt to sidestep child support obligations by purposefully taking a low-paying job ? or no job at all. To resolve these types of child support conflicts requires dedicated assistance from a savvy family law attorney who knows how to seek out hidden financial records so that the financial picture is complete and accurate.

David Michael Ryan & Associates regularly represent clients involved in family law disputes.  Call us for a confidential appointment.

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