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Aug 23, 2009


The practice of law is a multi-layered, nuanced endeavor.  No attorney can possibly know about your case without sitting down and discussing the matter with you thoroughly.  After such a discussion, an attorney must do some investigation of the matters you have related to him in order to determine if you have all the information, told the attorney about everything in a candid and forthright manner, and if the law affords you any recourse.

Reading blog entries, posing questions that get bandied about in cyberspace, and then thinking you now possess the knowledge to permit you to handle your legal problem without an attorney is folly.  It will cost you considerably more  in the long term than if you make an appointment with a competent attorney, pay the attorney a reasonable fee, and allow the attorney to properly proceed  Similarly, this does not create an attorney-client relationship between you, this law firm or anyone who posts here and possesses a law license.  You read and act on your own at your own peril.

Unless otherwise noted, the attorneys in this firm are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  This website is intended for general information only. The information presented should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

Said another way, this law stuff ain't easy.  We go to college and then law school to get some idea how to do it the right way, and then we spend years doing it.  No lawyer can really know your situation without sitting down with you and having a very long talk.  After that talk, a good lawyer needs to go find out if you told him everything, if you told him the truth or just what you believe (or want him to believe), if there are things you don't know (or left out) that makes a real difference, and if he can help you.

This website, this blog, and any comments posted here are not legal advice.  No one here is your lawyer.  Fools think otherwise.  The only way for you to get real legal advice is to sit down with a lawyer who actually knows what to do - you were smart enough to figure out how to find this site (and others probably) so you're smart enough to figure out how to make an appointment.  Pay the lawyer to do his job.  Do it right the first time and it will cost you a whole lot less than if you come to me after you messed it all up and you want me to fix it.

Reading blawgs, asking a question on the internet and seeing what people say, and then thinking you're pretty smart because you can now handle it yourself with all this stuff is both dim-witted and wrong.  This is NOT free legal advice or advice of any kind.  You are responsible for your own actions, not me, or anyone else here.  If you think otherwise you are proving how spoiled, immature, dense, and wrong you are.  If you think reading this blog creates any kind of business or legal relation with me or my law firm, you're stupid.  Grow up.

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