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Jan 04, 2010

It's 2010.... time to reboot the blog!

Welcome back, and my deep regrets for taking such a long break.  First, let me bring you up to speed, and then we can get started again.

This blog had its fits and starts when it finally went on line in late summer 2009.  We had just begun to find our way, and I was getting tons of feedback, mostly positive but always anonymous.  I was enjoying this and was getting ready to let loose with a blog about prosecutor ethics.  Then circumstances arose that I unfortunately cannot discuss with you. Yet.

It became hard to bite my tongue, especially when Harris County ADA Denise Oncken got caught withholding exculpatory evidence and deceiving the Court about it.  However, we must always be mindful that our conduct has consequences.  You young attorneys that read this blog must remember this always.

At that time, there could have been impact on client(s).  And frankly, I wanted to blog about little else.  The winter break has done me good and allowed me to refocus.

There are a few attorneys here in Houston privy to this great mystery.  When it is over, and my client(s) is/are out of harm's way, I will discuss this it at length and in no uncertain terms.

So what else has gone on in the last 2 months?  I was in trial virtually every week and had a string of successes, including an immensely satisfying cross examination of a "victim", whose ever evolving tale became so convoluted the jury returned a very rapid not guilty.  It has been 3 years since I looked forward to a cross examination as much as this one.

One of my legal assistants was the victim of domestic violence.  No one can explain to me why my assistant needed 11 stitches but the abuser was not arrested.  I know this - it's a good thing the cops got there before I did.

I had a few young attorneys second chair my cases.  We battled the State, (and in 1 case, the world) the judges, the clients, and many times each other.  But we left with more respect, respect that can only be earned in the trenches.  Keep it ingrained in you - hard fought battles, even when you lose, will always garner the esteem of colleagues and opponents alike (and not all opponents are on the other side of the courtroom).

I assisted some French lawyers on a criminal case overseas.  I'm really no more than a research geek, but it justified a trip to Europe.  It's not my case, so despite encouragement from Mark Bennett and others, I won't blog on it here.

I taught cross examination skills again this year with the great Terry McCarthy(Federal PD's office in Chicago).  They really should learn not to let Irishmen sip the Jamesons and expect pleasant conversation.  To be honest, though, Terry and the other attorneys offered insight that has allowed me to set aside, momentarily, the desire to excoriate a certain District Attorneys Office.

So, there's the last couple of months in review.... the blogs will start coming more frequently.  Watch for 'em!
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