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Oct 24, 2009

The Minority Report is no more

I regret to inform you all The Minority Report blog has ceased.  Jeremy Gordon, an assistant district attorney and current misdemeanor court chief in Harris County, chronicled his personal journey as a young, black man in the legal biz.  I was informed by Jeremy himself but, ever the gentleman, Jeremy refused to discuss the reasons.  I teased him about it and tried to goad him into talking about it.  He laughed, but Jeremy would not take the bait to open up about his decision.

It is oft noted that many, if not most, blacks who work in a district attorney's office either do so as a transition from a military background or just to learn the ropes before moving on to the private sector or elected position.  That is not the case for Jeremy Gordon.  Jeremy has a genuine passion for prosecution.  He has no desire to be in private practice, and blogged about what brought him to the prosecution side of criminal justice.

Jeremy's blog offered insight into the particular problems he encountered in the system.  He focused on what it's like for a black kid from Dallas to do this kind of work.  He wrote of his unique experience, and articulated a perspective we could all learn something from.  He wrote about feelings of sadness and alienation seeing all black defendants chained together at an arraignment, and of personal satisfaction and his own gratitude at helping the people he encountered.  I cannot recall any blogs about office politics or the internal working of HCDAO.

It would also be unfair to characterize the blog as simply race based.  While Jeremy certainly discussed race in his subtle and deft style, he also shared experiences that all lawyers and people can relate to regardless of skin color.  Perhaps that was the point - there are things that we all share in common, and things only someone in his shoes could understand.  I will miss that perspective, particularly because the Minority Report and My Objection Is! provided constrasts from opposite sides of the table by two black men I immensely respect.

But ever the wise ass, I send Jeremy off with the Top Ten Reasons the Minority Report is no more:

10. Name was needed so Rush Limbaugh could blog as Rams team owner.
9.  Needed more time for second career in Gladys Knight and the Pips cover band.
8.  Realized the only people reading his blog were his mom and defense attorneys looking for an edge.
7.  Obama felt his blog was distracting from healthcare reform.
6.  The Man just tryin' to keep him down.  I don't think so.  Homey don't play that.
5.  Two Words.... Internet Porn.
4.  Kanye West twittered that while Jeremy was doing a good job, Eric Davis' blog is better.
3.  Protesting Wade Phillips as Cowboys coach.  When Wade goes, Jeremy will be back.
2. Too distraught after losing the part of Commissioner Gordon in next Batman movie.
1.  Discovered girls are a helluvalot more fun than coming up with new crap every few days to post on the internet.

Seeya round the courthouse, counselor.

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