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Rules for this site.
Aug 23, 2009

The Rules of Responding to Entries

It's my ball and my sandbox. So you play by my rules, or you go home and play with yourself.

The ground rules for this blog: 


The First Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  This is a benevolent dictatorship.  It's my way or the cyber-highway.  If you don't like it, take a detour or an exit.

The Second Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  I intend for this forum to provoke thought and discussion.  We might even learn something about ourselves, each other, and the practice of law.  Therefore, stay on topic.

The Third Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  Read at your own risk.  I am fairly straight forward and direct. Blunt is another word for it. My thoughts will be laid out in means both succinct and verbose.  I tend to have a biting and somewhat caustic sense of humor.  I also have a tendency to use salty, vulgar and profane language.  This is not a reflection on my upbringing - my parents are just as horrified as you are.  Deal with it.

The Fourth Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  To a great degree, I will allow this to be the free-for-all the internet engenders.  If tempers flare, so be it.  You, too, may use whatever vocabulary you think is best to express your own thoughts.  Of course, this is subject to rules 6, 7, and 8.

The Fifth Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  Calling each other out is fine, but I reserve the right to call a bout when I think it has gone far enough.

The Sixth Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  All responses must go through and be approved by me.  I reserve the right to edit your remarks.  I reserve the right to change your words and punctuation.  I reserve the right to publish it as is, as edited, or not at all.  As soon as you pressed send, you gave me license to play with your words.  If I change your meaning, tough.

The Seventh Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  there will be no anonymous posts or pseudonyms without my prior approval.

Look, you obviously think a lot of yourself or you would not want to post here.  I admire that self-confidence, and you cannot be effective at your chosen craft without it, especially if you are an attorney.  You probably do have something to contribute and that is welcomed.


But when you choose to crawl out of your hole into the blogosphere, you leave the safety and confines of those nether regions.  If you lack the courage to associate your name with your thoughts, then you should probably keep those thoughts to yourself.  Some things can be better left unsaid... something I have yet to learn, but we're not talking about me.


In my experience, most people in the 21st century who hide behind anonymity do so for less than noble reasons.  They do not engage others to provoke thought and discussion. They speak solely for the purpose of hearing their own voice, and write solely for the purpose of reading their own thoughts. They do not seek intelligent discourse, no matter how much they protest (and pretend) that they do.


They have no spine, no resolve; just infante terribles who have discovered they can make sounds and get a reaction.  Their sense, or need, for self-importance is not for me to analyze, validate, fulfill or perpetuate.  If I deem in my sole discretion that this is your reason for anonymity, you can save your pseudo-intellectual hypocrisy, hair splitting, know-nothing knowitall grandstanding for those back in your hole who are otherwise impressed.  This blog does not exist to enable you.


Nevertheless, if you shoot me an email explaining the necessity for anonymity (I concede a few folks will have have something of value to contribute but have unique situations) I will give it fair consideration.  Also, someone who uses a pseudonym but is well known by that internet handle (AHCL, for example) will be allowed to use that pseudonym here.


The Eighth Rule of Orbiting Dicta:  There will be no anonymous posts or pseudonyms without my prior approval.

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