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The Godfather
Aug 23, 2009


Welcome to our revamped website!  We've made numerous changes, including adding this blog, Orbiting Dicta.


For those of you not in the world of Anglo-American jurisprudence (that's the legal system), there is a legal term called obiter dicta.  Simply put, this is reasoning and language used in an opinion by a court that is not necessary to its decision.  The name of this blog is a play on words, something you will see this throughout my ramblings.


This blog will be devoted primarily to the law - the practice, the politics, the ethics, the administration, and perhaps most importantly, life outside.  If you want to see pictures from my vacation, then go to my FaceBook page.  If you want to talk about ice hockey, go over to the Houston Aeros fan page,  I will do my best to keep the topics fresh and try not to veer into discussions of celebrity gossip, fashion faux paux, and the Great Pumpkin, although you can be assured there will plenty of pop culture references.

Please feel free to link this page to your own blogs, and I hope you will all be kind enough to allow me to link to your blogs as well.  As I am new to this blogging thing, there will be fits and starts along the way.  Trust me, there have been many in trying to get this site up.  Please be patient and understanding.

What can you expect?  Well, you should be aware from the outset that I am not politically correct.  I do not express myself in such terms.  I do not pull punches.  Most people have a filter that keeps them from saying certain things.  I do not.  There will be days you will think this blog is a conversation in a locker room, and entries that are probably better reserved for a bar or pub.  This is not the place for the faint of heart.

One of my more popular posts on the's Fan Flak is Random ThoughtsAs the name implies, any haphazard consideration on whatever subject will be presented in a stream of consciousness type format.  Just because it appears on this blog, do not assume it is my actual belief - it just hit me at that moment.  These posts may be inane, reduntant, silly, provactive, infuriating and/or wrong.  Oh well.

For my actual views on things, you will find those in the What I Believe entries.  These will cover topics I have given significant attention and I choose to share here.  Because I tend to ramble, these beliefs will most likely be expressed in bullet point fashion and we can discuss whichever beliefs strike a nerve.  Or maybe not.  We'll see.

I hope to have a lot of fun with this, and as such, one of the recurring themes on my blog will be, The Godfather Explains The Practice of Law.  My dear friend, attorney Brian Wice, primarily handles criminal appeals and is frequently on television talking about the latest big media criminal trial.  Brian tells his friends everything in life can be explained by baseball or The Godfather movies.  I am pilfering that idea and I hope I can do it justice.... pun intended.

So, let's take Carlo for a ride and see where this goes, shall we?

...for those who do not know, or do not recall, Carlo Rizzi was married to Connie Corleone, The Godfather's daughter.  Carlo set up Sonny for a hit.  Michael sent Carlo on a ride to the airport with Clemenza and, well, Carlo never was the same. Capish?

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