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February 23, 2009


The Texas Supreme Court has ruled a Chinese restaurant owner in Phoenix, Arizona cannot be sued in Texas over a loan for the restaurant.  Houston, Texas attorney David Ryan said his client in Arizona is very pleased and glad the case is over.


According to the lawsuit, an investor in the restaurant lives in Conroe, Texas, just outside of Houston.  The investor says she loaned $40,000.00 to the restaurant owner in 2000 because the owner called the investor from Arizona and said the owner needed the money.  The investor claimed she wired the money from her bank in Texas to a bank in California, under the name of the restaurant owner?s wife.  When the restaurant owner did not repay the loan, the investor sued in Conroe, Texas in 2004.


The restaurant owner immediately hired attorney David Ryan, who challenged the ability of a Texas court to hear the case. ?It is a very technical process many lawyers do not know about,? said David Ryan.  ?If you do not challenge the jurisdiction of the court immediately, you waive it and can never complain about it again.? Additionally, the restaurant owner denied he ever borrowed the money and the bank account in California belongs to his sister in law.


In 2007, the court in Conroe ruled the restaurant owner could not be sued in Texas.  The investor appealed the case to the court of appeals in Beaumont, Texas and hired additional lawyers to assist her claim.  Attorney David Ryan continued to work alone in representing the restaurant owner.


In 2008, the Beaumont court of appeals also ruled in favor of the restaurant owner.  The court of appeals decided any lawsuit by the investor against the restaurant owner had to be filed in Arizona or California.  The court of appeals did not decide whether or not there ever was a loan.


The investor appealed again, this time to the Texas Supreme Court in Austin, Texas.  Again, the investor brought in more lawyers to pursue her claim while attorney David Ryan continued to work alone.  The Texas Supreme Court has now denied the investor?s appeal and the case is over.


?It has been 5 years and we won at every turn,? said David Ryan.  ?My client is very happy this is finally over.?